Always Five Steps Ahead


The Kingsmen team is adept at identifying the issues that are holding back your success and profitability. Kingsmen defines strategies and implements proven solutions to reduce cost of sales, labour and operating costs while maximizing productivity and guest satisfaction.

We have tailored our strategy with Six Sigma’s D.M.A.I.C. process paving our foundations, to guarantee the increase of customer satisfaction and profitability by streamlining operations, improving quality and eliminating defects throughout the organization.

The path to success is often paved with obstacles along the way, but you do not have to go at it alone. Kingsmen Hospitality, differentiate yourself from the competition with Excellent Service today.


Our six-month strategy begins by identifying the values of the company and the wishes of the management through our Kingsmen Service Excellence Survey,, before conducting our Kingsmen Quality Assurance Audits.

The data collected is used to tailor the perfect bespoke training curriculum from our Kingsmen Standard Operating Procedures to achieve maximum results.

Our KSOP curriculum can be delivered through any combination of our Kingsmen Bespoke Training Services, adapting perfectly to the size of your organization.

Kingsmen Consultants will customize a Quality Control Survey for the organization, our signature Kingsmen Critical Control Points, assessing up to 1000 criteria identified as necessary for a consistent guest experience and increased satisfaction.


Interactions with guests happen all the time throughout your establishment and yet, 80% of all customer complaints today are still related to poor service. Training is an investment that pays. The better informed your employees are, the better they perform. Building a solid hospitality foundation among your staff is key to their future development. The top five R.O.I. of training your staff are increased profitability, improved customer service, better retention, increased productivity, and raised self-esteem.

Each Strategic Cycle can be repeated to provide continuous and measurable improvement, with the use of Benchmarks and ServQual Dimension Weights. Kingsmen’s Strategy provides you with the tools you need to maintain the most important element of Service Excellence: CONSISTENCY.





Starting with our Kingsmen Service Excellence Survey, to define with you, during a structured interview, the goals of service excellence you want to achieve. Kingsmen will translate your vision into measurable Key Performance Indicators (“K.P.I.”) to use as benchmarks during the K.Q.A.A.



After customizing our Kingsmen Quality Assurance Audits using the benchmarks set during the K.S.E.S., Kingsmen will send mystery shoppers to conduct an initial evaluation of your business, to get an unbiased service performance and diagnose any defective internal processes related to your service and staff, that negatively impact both your top and bottom line.



The data Kingsmen collects during the K.S.E.S. and K.Q.A.A. is analysed to tailor the Kingsmen Standard Operating Procedures that were deemed critical for the proper running of your operations.

Includes the design of the Service Sequences, the creation of customized SOPs and of the tailored Training Curriculums for Foundational and Auxiliary Skills.



With the uniquely customizable range of Kingsmen Bespoke Training Services, we adapt the implementation of our training material to the size of your establishment, allowing us to deliver broad knowledge to multiple teams, while simultaneously narrowing in with intensive workshops where our data will reveal you need it most.



To monitor and evaluate the progress of your staff, our Consultants perform an anonymous quality control inspection using the resulting Kingsmen Critical Control Points, before the cycle can start again, guaranteeing a constant improvement in Service Excellence, Staff Motivation, Customer Satisfaction, and hence Profitability.

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