Audit Information

Kingsmen Audit & Training

Investing in the skills of your team, is the safest and surest way to success. With our Hybrid Training your team can learn and relearn any skills – at anytime!

Guest Experience Audit

The very core of hospitality is a great guest experience because getting it right means Happy Guests! With the Kingsmen Guest Experience (GX) Audit, you can easily identify areas for operational and service improvements to deliver great experiences more consistently, so you can have more Happy Guests returning!

Hybrid Training

Our Hybrid Training is a blend of App Learning, Live Training & On-the-Job Training. Your team can learn or relearn any skills at anytime – in the most efficient and effective way, while being able to track their development and progress along the way.

Team Member Audit

Get to really know your Team with the Kingsmen Team Member (TM) Audit. Provided online and takes under 30 minutes to complete – you will get insights into their Personality, whether they have a strong Hospitality Mindset, and their current Skillset that is aligned with a Job-Fit Analysis.

Pre- & Onboarding

Every new Team Member deserves to feel like their own professional development pathway has been considered from Day One. Kingsmen provide you with a strong pre- & onboarding program with clear expectations, clear direction, and a clear learning path, essential to build a confident team.