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In the hospitality industry, excellent service is critical. The core of your business is your team, and you should give your staff the knowledge and skills to serve your diverse guests.
We are here to help. Kingsmen’s trainers design, develop, and facilitate customized solutions to sustain excellence in your hotel, restaurant, bar and other hospitality-related establishments. We provide live, in-person training across Thailand, offering customized training for culture and staff development.

Why Do You Need to Train Your Hospitality Service Staff?

The reasons are multi-faceted. In one hospitality service establishment, for example, the standards could be similar yet very different. The similarities are in the look and feel of the guest experience. But when you look closely, the differences are in how the staff members deliver the experience.
Thus, you must achieve consistency in service delivery, professionalism, and knowledge of your team. You need to invest in training and will achieve the following:
You cannot afford to forego proper staff training because your highly trained staff is your revenue generator.

Employee Satisfaction Through Training

Stop staff turnover. Start your employee development program. Hospitality establishment employees value hospitality training. It makes them feel valued, and training makes them stay. Employee training increases their satisfaction, as they feel appreciated, feel challenged to do better, and achieve better internal relationships. Make them feel they are needed. And help them become more efficient in doing their job.
Let Kingsmen show you how. Call now. for a free consultation. You can also fill out the request form on this page.

Make Your Establishment Special

Overall, it is the service that keep your guests satisfied and engaged. These vital elements keep guests coming back. If you are not achieving this, it is time to make your hotel, bar, or restaurant, stand out from the rest.

Customized Training

Kingsmen hospitality training services will analyze your overall operations to find your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the level of training your staff members require will vary depending on their roles. Thus, we recommend customized in-person training to ensure better comprehension and adoption of the knowledge, skills, and techniques they should master to excel in what they do while adhering to your company’s goals and targets.
We use our years of experience, continuous research, and trainers’ expertise to develop training programs for the most critical topics.

You Aim for Success. We Deliver.

You want to make your hotel a success. Your target is to make it the preferred place to stay, dine, or drink. Your objective is to optimize your team’s skills so that they can provide unparalleled service to increase guest satisfaction. But these are the same goals of all hospitality establishment owners.
How can you achieve all this and make your hotel stand out? Through proper, customizable, scalable, live on-site training programs backed by research and data analytics, you can turn things around and make your staff’s excellent service one of your unique selling points. This is a big deal in the hospitality industry. After all, guests are not only looking for a place to stay. They expect high-quality service from the initial touchpoint – a warm greeting with a polite and welcoming smile.
It is necessary to understand and acknowledge the limitations of your team. It is an important step because it makes you realize that you need professional help.
Kingsmen can help you identify the gaps in the skill set and provide you with innovative solutions to boost your operations. So whether there is a lack of in-house expertise or you need a fresh viewpoint to make your business more competitive and elevate your business, talk to us.

Call Us for a Free Consultation

It is challenging to conduct self-assessments. Thus, it is better to use an outside resource comprising industry experts to help quickly address your current needs. Our trainers at Kingsmen are agile in their responsiveness and have in-depth knowledge of the changing dynamics in the hospitality industry.
Raise your staff’s service levels beyond the standard. Professionalize your team and have them adhere to your company’s goals. Give them all the opportunity to develop into a cohesive team with one specific goal – excellent guest engagement and satisfaction.

what clients say

We first used Kingsmen during the pre-opening of Sorn, supporting us on our journey to our first Michelin Star and placing us in San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Since this success, we have consistently used Kingsmen to train our team

Supaksorn “Ice” Jongsiri Executive Chef & Owner @ Sorn, 2022

We used Kingsmen for Front Office training and have not been disappointed since they have come in. They are very hands-on and use a lot of role play in their training, making it fun and effective for our team.

Alexander Schillinger General Manager @ Sukhothai, 2021

Kingsmen helped us with our pre-opening and training of our whole team. They have been a great asset for us and helped us evaluate each team member we have. I would not hesitate to highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their service levels.

Jutamas “Som” Theantae Executive Chef & Owner @ Karmakamet, 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

Kingsmen Live Training is recommended for Fine-Dining Restaurants willing to reach National & International recognition with an unparalleledservice standards and great attention to details. If you want your service team to deliver nothing but the best, live training is highly recommended in addition to the eLearning.

These Training sessions are especially designed for restaurant waiters and waitresses.

The Live Training is performed directly at your restaurant at a time of your choice, using your own environment and utensils for an optimized learning experience.

Your staffs will be trained to have the hard skills as well as the skills and competency required to performed in a casual or fine dining environment. Training sessions will be customized to your establishment, its culinary orientation, your utensils and equipment as well as your restaurant layout, opening hours and workforce.

In order maximize your Return-On-Investment via an optimal Learning Retention Rate, Kingsmen Hospitality recommends the minimum of participants to be 4 participants, with a maximum of 15 participants per session.

Many of our clients are Michelin star or Asia 50 best awarded and they all have been choosing the live training option!


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We make your business our business. We make your hospitality services our primary concern. Enhancing your guests’ service experience is our goal. Let us show you how we work, how we can help improve your entire team’s performance and upgrade your services with timely and on-point training programs developed by experts in the field to meet hospitality services standards based on our customized audits. Book a free demo now! It’s easy. Just fill out the request form on this page and click send. You can also send us a message or give us a call if you want further information about Kingsmen Hospitality Services.

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