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Subscription Training

Kingsmen Hospitality is proud to announce the new launch of our subscription training for service and hospitality establishments.

High quality training has never been so affordable!

The Process And
What is included:

Bespoke Built Content
All Packages are Bespoke Built for your Property, Department or Establishment and are designed specifically for you. They inspire your team to work more efficiently and boost their skills & motivation. Kingsmen Training Experts will build an interactive training curriculum and environment where your team can feel engaged and willing to learn. All materials used during the training sessions are directly correlated to your concept, target market, service sequence, your products & services, and your team.
Market Research & Review
We review your current services using the review platforms that you find most important for your establishment or property. By identifying your current Service Levels & Performance Gaps in your service offering, we assign specific KPI’s that are related to your GSS Score & your Mission and Vision.
The first month includes 12 hours of training. Training will be conducted on-site in-order to make sure your team feel comfortable with their respective working environment. The initial Training Consultation along with the Market Research & Review will provide us with valid & relevant information of your current market standing. A training Roadmap will be built for the first 3 Months and will focus on the 8 core training principles of Kingsmen Hospitality.
Training Workbooks
Each participant will be given a training workbook that includes notes and exercises of the core training they have attended.
Access to Kingsmen Online Hygiene & Safety Course
All Participants will receive complementary access to the Kingsmen Online Hygiene & Safety Course. This course is in conformity with the Safety Health Administration (SHA) and Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) Rules & Regulations.
Monthly Group Staff Review
A monthly report will be sent to management to track the overall progress of the team.
Certification & Ceremony
At the end of each training contract, a Kingsmen certification will be given and a graduation ceremony will be held.

Kingsmen 8 Core
Training Principals

At Kingsmen Hospitality, we categorize hospitality and service training into 8 core training principles. By using these principles as a foundation to design our courses for course design, we can truly provide and create a unique and bespoke training program for our respective clients & partners.

Guest Interactions

We train your team to communicate professionally with your guests & customer, either in Thai, English or Chinese, thus building confidence and self-esteem for your team.

Grooming, Attitude & Behavior

By training your team on International Hospitality Standards concerning grooming, attitude and behavior, they will in return know how to carry themselves professionally, consequently providing them with a morale boost, improved self-esteem and lasting confidence.

Customer Service

We provide your team with clear insight and expertise on what customer service means, how it must be executed, and how it must be monitored. We do this through our extensive expertise, knowledge, and experience in the Hospitality Service Industry. Happy customers always return!


Effective sales techniques are vital for your revenue development. By training your team in the art of upselling, you will easily maximize revenue in the long-term.

Technical Knowledge & Skills

We offer to your team the correct technical knowledge & skills needed within hospitality in order to provide quick, efficient, and professional service.

Product Knowledge

We train your team about the products you have on offer. Accurate product knowledge among your team brings confidence and can be utilized to influence customers buying decisions resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Good Hygiene Practice

We provide International Hospitality and Hygiene Standards for cleaning and health procedures that bring assurance to your potential or existing customers.

Cross-Cultural Awareness

We show your team how to understand and appreciate different cultures from around the world so every guest or client gets treated accordingly.

Debunking Training Myths

Training is ONLY for Large Companies!
The smaller amount of staff you have, the more critical the qualifications of each and every member of your team. At Kingsmen we can train teams as small as 6, up to teams and companies with thousands of employees, keeping the same consistent service and delivery regardless of size.
Training takes A LOT of time!
Helpful skills can be added to your team’s repertoire without having to tear them away from their work. Kingsmen use a blended learning approach to all their training by offering online training at the Kingsmen Virtual Academy and our On-site Training Workshops that last a maximum of 3 hours per session.
Training is EXPENSIVE!
At Kingsmen we pride ourselves with having very competitive prices. A 6-week training course starts at ONLY 2,999 THB per student and our training workshops start at ONLY 499 THB per student.
NO ONE wants to Study!
No one wants to study when the content is boring, or when it is taught without expertise or passion. At Kingsmen we pride ourselves at creating interesting and relevant content, along with fun and challenging practical exercises and roleplays that get your team engaged and motivated.
Training can be FREE!
Content of varying quality can be found on Google and Youtube. However, what you pay for with Kingsmen is our 80 years of combined knowledge and expertise within Training, HR and Hospitality along with our Virtual Academy and tested methodology that is guaranteed to give you a ROI of the training.
We already have a Training Department!
What are you exactly training your team in? and are you able of training all your staff consistently? At Kingsmen, our Trainers have a wealth of expertise in every department at your property. We provide a training structure that guarantees to provide you with results that has an impact on both your top and bottom line. Our Virtual Academy provides you and your team with a consistent training curriculum that is available for everyone.
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